Tonly Rubber Tracks

Made in the Henan province of China, our Tonly rubber tracks have a continuous steel band inside and are covered with a thick tread.

Standard colour tracks

Standard colour tracks

When purchasing rubber tracks, you need to be mindful of what you are after – do you want something that will last long enough to make you money or do you want something to get you by until you sell the machine? Due to industry growth, there is a large variance in the quality of tracks available yet not much difference in the final price. The”cheap” tracks are well promoted, yet the retailers chose not to disclose to you that their tracks have thin treads and skinny, weak bands.

So what does this mean for you? Cheap tracks save you money on the short term, but you’re likely to only get a maximum of 700-800hrs out of it  (as quoted to us from our Customers, based on their past experience). By the time you see signs of the cheap track failing, the 6 month warranty period is just over. Now you are back to square one.

White Non Marking Tracks

When you purchase Tonly tracks for your excavator,  you get a 12 month or 1000hrs, pro rata, manufacturers warranty, which in itself is a reflection of the quality of the track and longevity you can expect from it (please note, no warranty will cover operator fault damage). Tonly tracks have thick tread and strong, thick steel banding. If you ever have a doubt of the quality of a track you are looking to buy, ask the retailer to text you a picture of the tread, including a tape measurement, showing the thickness and compare it to ours. Our Tonly tracks are the best quality for a great price – why else would our customers keep coming back?

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