Everpad Rubber Track Pads & Steel Track Plates

Everpads are the toughest best wearing rubber pads readily available in Australia

Everpad are the manufacturers of our heavy duty rubber pads and supplier of our track shoes (track plates/grouser WM Everpad padsplates). We are the Australian Dealer for the Everpad pads and these are the best wearing pad available on the market in Australia. The pads are made from 100% virgin rubber and are produced in Taiwan to the highest specifications. They do not contain any recycled rubber, which means they absorb the impact when working with harsh materials such as ballast and railway work; whereas the rubber on the budget brands will tear and peel away. Everpads pads

The Everpad pads can last up to 5 times the normal wear that you experience with the standard pads. In recent years we have had many operators boast they have exceeded 9000 hours. The pads are chamfered to help avoid leaving marks on the ground and to help with machine mobility.


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